“To inspire people to enjoy the artisan foods, crafts and experiences from the shores of Lough Neagh”


The Lough Neagh Partnership is a non-profit charitable organisation made up of representatives of bodies and stakeholders interested in the development and protection of Lough Neagh – the largest freshwater Lough in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Based in Ballyronan.

The Lough Neagh Partnership markets and promotes Lough Neagh and it’s Waterways as a tourism destination, manages the Lough Shore Cycle Trail and Canoe Trail and is responsible for protecting and managing the environment through various projects. 

In 2019 Lough Neagh Artisans was established when the Partnership brought together a group of likeminded creatives who appreciate the diverse heritage and culture which extends the shoreline from the north Lough shore to the south and everywhere in between.

Members of the Lough Neagh Artisans live within 10 miles of the Lough and operate as a collective. The group believes that there is a strong need to collaborate among Lough Neagh businesses which complement each other and inspire people from around the world with their crafts, food and drink, hospitality and experiential initiatives which are unique to this part of the world.

Lough Neagh Artisans includes Lough Neagh Tours – a unique range of food and cultural tours which can be enjoyed on the Lough and on its shoreline; they produce whiskey from the oldest thatched pub in Ireland; bake bread to be savoured with homemade chutneys; they produce gin and offer distillery tours; they create bespoke afternoon teas; grow and produce rapeseed oils; sell finest meat products from a farm shop; produce a range of nettle based products; mix history and tea at the north shore heritage centre and offer immersive B&B accommodation.

The Lough Neagh Partnership operates with funding support under the Agri-Food Co-operation Scheme which is being managed by Countryside Services Ltd on behalf of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

The current group members are:

Eimear Kearney – Lough Neagh Partnership (Lead Applicant)
Gerry Darby – Lough Neagh Partnership
Jane Harnett – Harnett’s Oils
Nigel Logan – Hillstown Farm Shop
Una Johnston – Lock Keeper’s Cottage
Martin Armour – Rosehill House
Bronagh Duffin – Bakehouse
Vincent Hurl – Crosskeys Inn
Noreen Van der Velde – Noreen’s Nettles
Ulrich Dyer – Symphonia Spirits
Ann Marie Collins – Annie’s Delights


The group meets every six weeks and meetings are held in the premises of group members or online. Onsite meetings provide a great opportunity for other group members to learn about each other’s products and services. Group training courses take place regularly and this has increased member skills as well as increased knowledge about the Lough Neagh area.

Cost of membership 

At present there is no cost to be a member but from 2022 onwards, there will be a small annual cost to being a member which will cover website costs.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here.